lets publishers of community publications form partnerships with local funeral homes to effortlessly put all obituaries online and in print. It bolts on to any existing community web site and gives the mourning families the best, most affordable way to pay tribute to their loved one.

Create Revenue From a Strong Partnership

By forming a strong partnership with your local Funeral Homes, you can come up with a business plan that saves the mourning family a lot of money, gets the information out to your readers better, all while providing a national platform to spread the tribute of your community’s loved ones.

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Make Mourning Affordable Again

Make mourning affordable again

Because of the recent financial struggles at daily papers around the country, they’ve turned to one revenue stream that they know they can get a higher price for: obituaries. You can afford to accept them for a lot less than the dailies. So start now!

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An Obits Network for Community Publications

Obits network

There’s power in numbers. Be a part of the national network specifically designed for community publications and shopper’s guides…where the readers are!

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